About the WebMBA®


The Georgia WebMBA® offers qualified professionals the opportunity to earn an accredited, accelerated online MBA degree without interrupting their work and personal lives. Students benefit from a Web MBA with the same quality and service as our on-campus programs. We view our students as partners in the learning process, and we ensure a consultative relationship with both applicants and students.

Most of our schools require the GMAT, although GMAT waivers are considered by all six of our schools. Because each school admits students based on its own admissions criteria, GMAT minimum scores and conditions for waivers vary by school. Contact us for more information info@webmbaonline.org

Admissions committees at each school determine whether applicants are eligible for waivers. Typically, the committee will consider a waiver based on required documentation of length, level, and type of professional and management business experience. Some schools also allow petitions for waivers if the applicant has an advanced degree. In some cases, the GRE can be substituted for the GMAT.

If your undergraduate degree is not in business administration, you may need foundation-level business courses (pre-requisites).

The WebMBA offers a separate service to our applicants to provide accelerated online based, self-paced modules to meet pre-requisite requirements at a very affordable cost. See the Foundation Module information under the Admissions tab.

Contact our Director for more information.