GMAT Information

Our quality standards require that applicants take the GMAT test – or, in some cases, the GRE. In some case applicants may petition for GMAT waivers. GMAT test preparatory courses are available from a range of sources, including our six affiliate schools. Based on the school of application, GMAT waivers are also considered under specific conditions, such as holding an advanced degree (for example, Masters degree) or having significant years and type of professional business experience. For information on each school's conditions for a GMAT petition, contact the Managing Director or the MBA directors. Because each school admits its own students into the common program, GMAT requirements vary by school.

Applicants interested in GMAT waivers may fax or send an unofficial copy of their transcripts and their resume directly to the MBA office at their school of application. Contact information for all MBA directors is listed in our Participating Institutions section. In most cases, the director will make an initial review of your transcript for both waiver potential and to identify if our Foundation Modules are needed. The ultimate decision for a GMAT waiver is based on the admissions committee review.

The TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) is required for those whose primary language is not English.

Contact our Director for more information.