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An MBA is a good investment for non-business majors, too

April 19, 2024

Some may think that they need a background in business to get a master’s in business administration (MBA), but a number of people from various fields–from artists to entrepreneurs–would find value in an MBA. 

“No matter what your background or what field you are in, an MBA can prepare you for either running your own business or moving up into the ranks of management within your field,” says WebMBA Teaming Director Dr. Deborah Roebuck.

In recent years, an MBA has been thought of as a degree for those already in management or who majored in a business-related field; and Roebuck acknowledges that the degree is helpful to those who fall into this category. 

“Having an MBA increases your marketability and opens more doors for job opportunities that may be of higher quality,” Roebuck explains. “Students gain leadership, communication and–when they enroll with our WebMBA, specifically–teaming skills. However, if you’re thinking of starting your own business or you have entrepreneurial goals, an MBA helps with those situations as well.”

According to Roebuck, the MBA isn’t just designed to hone a business major’s skills but rather to also give entrepreneurs, physicians, artists, etc., the ability to effectively run their businesses. Likewise, for those whose expertise and work experience lie in a specific field, such as forestry, food service and hospitality, manufacturing, transportation, health care, computer science, etc., an MBA provides them with a broad range of knowledge that empowers them to move into management positions within their chosen field or area of expertise. 

“An MBA won’t make you an accountant, but what it does is give you a grounding in marketing, economics, accounting, and finance so that you can make better managerial decisions for your company and employees,” Roebuck said. “What I want people to know is that you don’t have to have a business background to greatly benefit from an MBA. After all, anyone who is an entrepreneur is probably an expert in their chosen craft, but not necessarily in how to run a business, which is a special collection of skills that requires you to know how to manage employees, balance your account books, and understand supply chain management and logistics.”

An MBA, like all advanced degrees, can increase your earning potential no matter what your background.

According to a study completed by the University System of Georgia’s Selig Center, adding credentials after high school can boost a student’s work-life earnings by 80%. Earning a master’s degree can boost a USG graduate’s lifetime earnings by $1,399,500. Additionally, the study revealed that no matter what kind of credential is earned, it means increased future earnings for that graduate.

“Earning your MBA is an investment in your education–in yourself; and investing in yourself is always a good investment,” says WebMBA Managing Director Angelia Huggins. 

The WebMBA is an AACSB-accredited, team-based Master’s in Business Administration consortium online program. Seven Georgia universities work together to deliver the WebMBA. The consortium includes Augusta University, Columbus State University, Georgia College & State University, Georgia Southern University, Kennesaw State University, University of West Georgia, and Valdosta State University. The WebMBA admits students from anywhere in the world with no out-of-state tuition for Fall and Spring semester starts. To learn more about the WebMBA, visit


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